I gotta say, just STARTING a blog as a perfectionist is stressful. I've got to both remember my Google password AND name this thing?!?! You may think I'm being facetious because both are fairly simple things yet in my world, I've already lost a good 30 minutes to this task. Doesn't the big bad Google know that I never use the gmail account that my tech-savvy husband set up for me because I'm one of the only people whose primary account is still with Yahoo? And every time I try to retrieve my password, I struggle because the only password I use isn't "strong" enough for them? Don't they know that my brain is already cluttered enough after caring for 2 darling daughters and trying to figure out all my crazy shit that I have a TOTAL lack of interest in details like, remembering passwords that are approved by the Google empire that is slowly (or not so) taking over our world, one password at at time?!?!
Okay, rant over. Ish. This experience is such a great summary of my world - anxiously wanting to purge my feelings and thoughts but in the process of trying to share my crazy with the world, I inevitably experience some sort of roadblock. Thus making the process of purging said thoughts less and less rewarding and more and more tedious. Everyone knows that a stay at home mom living their life around a teething infant gets 10, 15 minutes max to take care of themselves at any given time. You gotta make those windows count, my friend. I don't have time for details like passwords and titles...this mama's gotta move, people, before the toilet needs to be fixed (no, this is not an exaggeration) or my stomach requires food AGAIN (does anyone else find their body's constant need for care irritating, or is it just me?) 
So, as scary as it is to put myself out there with a goal of not constantly second-guessing every line based on how others may or may not perceive it, here it is. My first blog post.