Christian Entitlement

I have a lot of big feelings when it comes to Christians claiming their rights in this country. On the one hand, I believe in human dignity. So, of course, as humans Christians should be given dignity. We shouldn't squash people because they hold Christian beliefs. They are entitled to hold their beliefs and should receive dignity whether they are agreeable or not to the person charged with giving them dignity. And yes, Christians are part of a religion and in America, we have certain religious freedoms available to us that make it a really wonderful place to live for someone with religious beliefs. We don't have to worry about being imprisoned, stoned, etc for holding certain views.
And yet. Demanding our fair share is not a Christian value. Being great is not supposed to be something we pursue (personal greatness, fine, greatness at the expense of others, no). We're supposed to turn the other cheek, not slam the door on our enemies. I read an article recently calling out the intertwining relationship between American Christianity and our sacred cow of patriotism. It called into question specifically how this has affected the campaign of Donald Trump. It was a good read. In the end, there is a difference between setting healthy boundaries (not being a doormat) and demanding what's "yours." I honestly don't see Jesus doing the latter, ever. When he was being falsely accused, He did not speak (that always baffled me). When he was on the cross, He did not come down. He did not curse His enemies, but called for their forgiveness. 
I've learned the hard way how hard Christian faith can make it to set healthy boundaries and to live into your worthiness. So I don't want to shame people for wanting basic protections and having their needs met. And yet, I really blanche at anything that resembles Christian entitlement. If we want to demand our religious freedoms, we better be willing to demand those freedoms for those who hold different religious beliefs. If we want to honor our faith by breaking discrimination laws, we don't get to call out "discrimination" back. We get to pay a fine or go to jail. Those are actual choices. It's ok to be radical. Jesus certainly was. But if you think being radical will have no consequences, you don't understand the term.