Let the Transition Begin!

Our 2+ weeks with Tim and the kids off from work and school is coming to a close tonight. Everyone is in bed early in hopes that the magical fakeout will result in a good nights rest, but we all know better. That alarm is going to hurt in the morning and we'll be rushed for the first time in weeks. I'm one of those weird people who loves it when my family is home. Don't get me wrong - I love routine and there will be a moment tomorrow after the strangeness of being separated settles that will feel right and normal and good. But this time together also made me realize how glorious it is when my husband isn't working. It's not the same as the weekend where it takes awhile to really check out of office life, sometimes even requiring him to work an extra day. His head isn't fully here sometimes. When you have 2 full weeks at home when no one else is in the office and you're actually expected to hang out with your family (thank you holidays), it is its own deal. And as the quality time person, I could not be more chuffed (as my Irish friends like to say).

When we're in a good place and Tim isn't overwhelmed with work, I am in a special kind of bliss. Everything is easier when he's home. All my responsibilities get cut in half, which makes us both more rested and happy because he's set his aside stuff completely. So we're just hanging out, feeding the kids, taking turns sleeping in and catching up on much needed rest whether that's actual sleep or relaxation (I've probably read 10 books in 14 days and no, I'm not exaggerating). We spend extra money on quality time with the kids (ice skating, movies, sushi) and just get to be together. I know a lot of people love their spouses but also like having separate days. And my introverted husband might be one of those (like I'm dumb enough to ask!) But I could go on like this forever. It's made me want to crank things up a notch with my business and just keep him on hand all the time. 

Savoring this moment for just a bit longer.