In favor of potty talk

Raising children in the very political world of mothering these days, I've gotta say: I'm pro-potty talk. I know, I know, it's so inappropriate! I'm supposed to teach my kids to be polite and respectful. But seriously, if you can't laugh about butts when you're 6, how in the world am I supposed to justify it at 32? Maybe it's from years of hanging out with teenagers, but I LOVE potty talk! I think it's freaking hilarious. I also love it when people fall down in films. Physical comedy gets me every time. That scene in Dodgeball when they get wrenches thrown at them? Tears streaming down my face.
I guess for me, kids should be kids. Kids have always laughed about butts. I'm sure before things got really bad between Cain and Abel, they could remember laughing about butts in their early years. Now, I would not in any way condone my kiddo laughing at someone's specific butt, particularly if it was deemed laughable in some way (usually this is if it's considered large). I'm very sensitive to mocking others. I pretty much hate it. But seriously, if my 6 year old wants to make other kids laugh at her pretty lame butt jokes, I'm a-okay with that. I want to teach my child to be respectful, but I think maybe we take some stuff a little too seriously these days. 
Maybe it's easy for me to be pro-potty because I have two daughters. Perhaps if I had to listen to endless fart-armpit noises at the dinner table, I would put the kibosh on all potty-related humor. But as parents we're supposed to teach our children how to be functional adults. And life without potty talk is just no fun at all.